Rod Rodollfo is the CEO & Founder of   Alpha Brain Art Studio.

Rod is member of the Elite Group of Published Comic Book Artists, providing Clean Art and Efficient Storytelling with 10 years of experience.

Helping to build dreams since 2005, Rod took a leap of faith working as a Professional Comic Book Artist and has been Published by comics mainstream industry in the USA. Started his career in the Storytelling Art World and never looked back.

He has worked on many famous titles like: Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Zone, Grimm, Grimm Fairy Tales, among others, with top quality professionals as well as many Indy Comic creators. He also have an anthology of short stories based on his co-created Universe called: Ezarieth World Heroes, a new Universe of characters that cross the genres of adventure, fantasy, swashbuckling, horror, sci-fi and heroes.

Rod is a big time fan of G.I.Joes and Transformers Cartoons.

Born in south of Brazil, in a city called Lages, he moved to Florianópolis in very young age and learned English in St Peter School in Canterbury, England. Traveled the world when young Adult, visited Europe, North and South America and planning to visit the East in the future. Currently living in São Paulo, with his beloved wife and anxious waiting for the hardest work of his life: to become a father!

How I got Hooked by Super-heroes world.

“I Love to create systems and get things done. Creativity is my Life! ”

Rod Rodollfo