Ezarieth World Heroes

So, What’s different about this Amazing Fantasy/Adventure Comic book with 49 pages  FREE DOWNLOAD?

Imagine a Dragon Goddess Harley Quinn bringing Chaos and Destruction to the World and it’s the job of a young Thief and an Elf Prince to bring her down.

Amazing Fantasy/Adventure Comic Book.

All kinds of: Dragons, Gorgons, Trolls, Orcs, Beasts and Magic beings.

More than a Comic...an experience.

A 49 pages comic book Introducing the EWH in one exciting book!

This is the Story of the very first Super-Heroes of Earth. Before Earth, there was Ezarieth, a mysterious and magical world in a Fantasy and Adventure realm where gods went mad and the faith of human and all kinds rely on the unlikely alliance of a Thief and an Elf Prince to save the day, However: How Do You Kill A God? 

In the Most Amazing Twist ever told before!


By his Dreadful act, we shall call him Hero…

Find out more in Ezarieth World Heroes!

More than a Comic…

…an Experience.

Ezarieth World Heroes