Ezarieth World Heroes


Why do we read Comics? Because of what the Symbols Represent!

Ezarieth Represents Integrity!! Every Little Action Matters!!!

Our dream is to bring a brand new Universe to life that could help people to connect to the present moment and act upon it in a positive way!

We believe that trough the most simple everyday activities we can make the difference!!

We also believe in the power of Magic! and that it can inspire people to create a better world!! We believe that our intentions, words and actions affects the world we live in!!

To prevent the collapse of the two worlds, a time-travel event brings to earth a young girl that holds the secret of human salvation: EVERY LITTLE ACTION MATTERS!!

If you fell you can make the difference in the real world, this project is for you!!


Come with us in this journey to the world of Ezarieth!!!

Before Earth there was Ezarieth, a very different world, full of magic and mystery…

A eight year’s effort collecting characters that range from fantasy to mystery and more!

Our stories take you to the world as it was, steeped in magic and fantastic creatures, and the first hero of the age, who’s descendants continue his example over the seven ages of the world. Romantic tales of destined lovers or slayers of monsters bent on consuming all before them, the world of Ezarieth offers readers an eclectic selection of what comic books have to offer. In the fantastic primitive past, or the technology consumed future, it’s a variety of entertainment for readers looking for something more, something lasting, an escape that resonates with the reasons we read comics in the first place.

EWH – Ezarieth World Heroes is an entire universe mixing Fantasy and Superheroes Full of adventures and excitement!!!

Long before there was Earth, there was Ezarieth, the world that will one day become the one that we know. A time before recorded history, where men strove against fate, and gods sired legends. From the greatest warrior of ages past came a line of kings, slayers, and heroes, each who would play a part in staving off the impending doom of the Earth, and one who would actually save it. Canther II is the progenitor of a long line of heroes, and as the Age of Fantasy gave way to the Age of the Sea, Bronze, Heroes, Monsters, and Nations, in each age, the progeny of Canther II have proven instrumental to the solidity of the age, and the safety of the time.


Raiders for Ruin:

– True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders –

The time of gods, battles, and fantastic creatures. This is the story of Drakkar and the Devil, two friends who rise to become the most important figures of their era. They battle the goddess, Gitza-Yar in an effort to return balance to the world.


– Who, being loved, is poor? –

The high seas belong to one man and woman, the corsair lovers who share a romance as turbulent as the typhoon. Once Mhagz is called home to take her place as queen, we witness their last adventure together.


– Suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret –

The great king of Itiyopiya, who brings forth a golden age to his lands, and defends them against the impending cataclysm destined to befall them.


– From caring comes courage –

The greatest man-legend of any age. However, this is the Heracles of Ezarieth, and his epic is both familiar and unique.


– From wonder into wonder existence opens –

The monster-slayer of the Emerald Isle. In this world and the other, Halloror, feral child born to the ursine, defends the people from creatures who are resurgent in their ambition to be dominant once more.


– Every little Action Matters –

The Age of Nations first and greatest hero(ine); America is
the example that all other heroes follow, holding herself and her
peers to a high standard, that may be the Earth’s undoing.


-He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty-

Canther II’s last progeny, a detective of a first class ability. His story pits him against a world rapidly approaching a singularity, which would allow end humanity forever.


– To keep your family safe you have to save the world but, to save the world you have to sacrifice your family. –

A 49 pages comic book Introducing the EWH in one exciting book!