Here are some Free Tools for Aspiring Comic Book Artists to Download.


I’m Rod, a professional comic book artist. I have worked on many famous titles like: Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Battlestar Galactica, among others…

I spent years as a dead-broke comic book artist, trying to deal with art critique trolls, time management and health issues until I finally discovered a way to create artwork better and faster which allowed me to break in the comic business so, I could be able to meet deadlines, delivery high quality work and still have time for friends and family!!! 

Now I work as a comic book artist! My dream job! 

And  I have this long awaited list of tools and resources to share with comic book aspiring artists from all over the world.

Soon to be available:

C.A.R.B. – Comic Artist Reference Book 

solving all the problems I had when started out:

  • Overcame self doubt with: The Troll Detector.
  • Draw 10x faster and 2x better: keep your health, meet deadlines easily and still have time to friends and family.
  • Origami Action Figures: build an armada of action figures models.
  • .OBJ 3D Models: download the models, play with light, shadow and poses. Overcame inconsistency when drawing characters.

I hope these tools and resources can help many aspiring artists to get started.

Thank you for downloading.

Master Layout Page Template

Master Page Template

Find out the 2 times a day you get in Alpha Naturally without effort and Benefit from it’s effects.

Master Proportion Grid – 7 files  


Skeleton and Muscular system – 6 Files 


Perspective Grids

9 Panel Grid & 16 Panel Grid – 2 Files


6 Facial Expressions – 1 file

5 Essential Lessons Every Comic Book Aspiring Artist Needs. – SOON TO BE AVAILABLE – 

The Comic Artist Reference Book – SOON TO BE AVAILABLE –