Origin Story


Born in the middle of Amazon Jungle in Brazil I always had to struggle to go to school having to get passed through the alligators and poison snakes infested Tietê River…But, I didn’t worry because I knew Tarzan was there to save us if anything happens… EEEEEERRRRRR Except Not!

I went to school like any other Kid, I took my father’s best Horse I ride just like Lone Ranger Crossing the arid desert of…. wait a minute, there’s no desert in Brazil…ooops…

Well, ok, I just took the Bus!!! or, to be more accurate the Kombi!!! I remember being bitten by this little girl on that ride to school everyday for a year!! kids right?

At young age, mother made my brother and I a Superman uniform!! The Uniform she made was so awesome that I tried to fly on that day!!! I climbed into the roof of the garage and jumped!!! I was Superman you know? nothing could hurt me!!! Thank-god I landed on a bush near by, otherwise I could really get hurt…Oh well…And since then, I got hooked by this Super-heroes nonsense. Nonsense, really?  Well, read the comic story here:

 Origin Story

Everywhere in the world we have such a rich and vast diversity of cultures and traditions and yet there is at the same time a common pattern that is inherent to all of us. I believe we can all connect to the loving source inside every and each one. We yearn to learn, to transform and became better, to have a purpose and make the world a better place. Most of us at least right? Even in a different culture and place in the world we all go trough a path…We all have a story to tell…

I went to the University of Architecture because I wanted to build something, to create a better world…To get in the University we have here what we call: Vestibular. Vestibular is a test to get in. At that time I was competing against 14 other students for this one vacancy to study Architecture. Luck enough I got the “job”: to study Architecture for the next 5 years or so…Because it’s a full time class: morning and afternoon classes and night homework, I didn’t have much time for anything else and since I couldn’t afford to be out of work (make some money), it took me 7 years to finally finish and graduate as Architect. Dealing with the puzzles of planning a building is one of the joys I have but, dealing with other parts of the job can be a real drag!!  There was a point where I wasn’t happy with it anymore and needed to make a change on my life. I needed something creative and that I could be happy doing. Something that could inspire me and send a message. Something for me, for the society. Something I believe could contribute to create a better world. I found this something when going through building plans I have done…Most of them, if not all, have something there… There were always a Spider-man here, a Bat-man there…a Super-man…Wolverine…They were always there with me, in this: Artist Journey! 

What could be better than Telling a Story?

So, what made me change my mind and pursuit a whole new challenge, to enter the Dragon’s lair all over again? Well, the best way I can describe it is with someone else words, from The Dead Poet Society movie:

…“Medicine, Law, Business, Engineering, these are all noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life but, Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love, these are what we stay alive for!!! To quote from Whitman, “Oh me! Oh Life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless…of cities filled with foolish; what good amid these, Oh me, Oh life? … The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse…””.

That’s my reason, I Am a Storyteller…

Celebrate Life, Savior the moment! Read a Comic Book!

And now, I look into Tiamat Dragon’s Lair, can you see it? It’s a dark and shadowed cave with midst and cold colors, gray and black…I am scared, and alone. So, what can I do? How can I face this monster? Get your armor up, Be brave, have faith and…Jump…. Like when I was wearing the Super-man’s uniform, remember? Just Jump and believe….A new beginning was before me: to become a Comic Book Artist!

I researched on the internet for courses I could do to learn the Craftsmanship!! I found a few but choose to go from Florianópolis where I lived to São Paulo to learn comics. So, I took the last saves I had and invested on the course. The challenge of becoming an artist is enormous!!! Drawing and Storytelling. These are the two big elephants in the room, and you feel like Alpine (from G.I.Joes) in front of the Everest!!! This is The Wild Horse!!! And you need to tame it!!! So, the Journey Begins…

To learn Art and Storytelling is a Monster by itself but the Artist Journey has just started!! To Break In the business is a whole other Monster!!

The business Monster: Production, Finance and Marketing! Yes, Artists are entrepreneurs!!! With no money, no contacts, bad english, and a will on my hand, I dove into the pursue of my dream…At that time we didn’t have money to afford internet, so, we used free internet that was only available after midnight…Our apartment, don’t even get me start on that one…well, gazillion years old, water leak and infested with termites it had 43m2…the smallest place someone could live with his just married wife. Oh yeah the “i” word, “i” word? yes, “ingagement” LOL!!!

And so, thanks to the advent of the Internet I was able to find my very first job on the extinct Ronin Studios Forums. SLOP: Sequencial Suicide, published by 803 Studios. The Struggle was just beginning…After that, I have worked with many Indy creators and small publishers like: The Rising Sun. It was at the Rising Sun that I did one of the most enjoyable comics I ever worked with. Because I was drawing the characters I am a big fan of since young age: G.I Joes. I worked with them on a few single issues and miniseries. After that it was time to move on…

The Artist Journey guided me to a great opportunity of working in the mainstream of the industry. After several attempts of submitting to publishers via internet, it was on 2010 that I personally submitted my portfolio to Zenescope at NYCC. It took several months for them to respond but, soon enough they got in touch with me. I did a test page to work in the Title: Grimm Fairy Tales. I worked on a few issues with Pat Shand. Zenescope didn’t have a Monthly bases job for me, they offered a bimonthly job and were able to pay me only after two months…It was hard but, I’m not complaining. This was my very first experience working with a stablished publisher and I will always treasure that. My very first editor Matt Rogers!!! Thanks for everything Matt!! It was great to work with you.

After that I got another great opportunity working with Dynamite Entertainment. The experience of having a monthly work on the table is stunning. Delivering from 20 to 24 pages every month can drain your energy and stress you out to the bones. The problem for me and most Creators is that most of us are perfectionists and having to deal with deadlines can sometimes be frustrating. Two years working in titles like: Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Grimm, Twilight Zone and many others was a real gift for me. A precious present in  my life.

Thank you Molly, Hannah, Joseph and all the team I have worked with.

The Artist Journey is far away from the finishing line.(I hope).

Now it’s time to Start Again!  It’s time to start telling my own stories and create my own characters!! That’s why I have joined forces with a great writer from Brooklyn to start on this brand new adventure. We have been working on this for 8 years, and now it’s time to let the Dragon Free!!!

Beware fellowship of the Ring! for the next chapters soon to be told!!

Fare well now! and that god bless you!!

Thanks for spending your precious time reading my humble story.

Yours Truly,