The Artist Journey

to the Artist Journey

The Artist Journey is a project dedicated to provide Art & Design Services to clients, as well as share the Life and the Experiences Behind the Entertainment and Comics Industry.

My Journey could be divided in 3 main Life Projects Represented by the Triangle Logo of Alpha Brain Art Studio:

  • Awaken
  • Legacy
  • Craftsmanship

Although they are all independent and different projects they do interconnect with each other.

They are all dedicated to improve myself as a human being and share the knowledge behind the transformational  experiences of self improvement.

  • Awaken is the Search of Balance, a project destined to exercise everyday:
    • Mind.
      • Educational.
    • Body.
      • Exercise.
    • Spirit.
      • Harmony.
  • Legacy is the Realization project of what to do to answer the questions:
    • What will you leave behind?
    • What do you want to be remembered by?
  • Craftsmanship is the Purpose project that involves your business and abilities:
    • The Art of Illustration.
    • Behind the Comics World.
      • Tutorials.

These are my Life Projects and I would like to share them with you if you give me the privilege to do so.

A little bit about myself.

Thank you.