Imagine a Dragon Goddess Harley Quinn
bringing Chaos and Destruction to the World and it’s the job of a young
Thief and Elf Prince to bring her down.
A 49 pages comic book Introducing the EWH in one exciting book!

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Every Little Action Matters



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  • The best creators are ones that genuinely love to learn and are constantly improving their work. Rod is that kind of creator.

    Joseph Rybandt – Executive Editor Dynamite Entertainment
  • @DynamiteComics Pantha vs Jane Porter by
    @emmabeeby @RodRamosRodolfo needs to be a monthly book, thanks.
    That is all.

    John F ⚡n Cohl
  • That was a ridiculously fun one-shot from @emmabeeby & @RodRamosRodolfo! I wish it didn't have to end! =D

    Ian Cameron
  • That's fantastic, Rod!

    Gannon Beck

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Ezarieth World Heroes

A 49 pages comic book Introducing the EWH in one exciting book!

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