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I've worked on many famous titles like Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Zone, Grimm, and Grimm Fairy Tales, among others, with top quality professionals as well as many Indy Comic creators.

My name is Rod Rodollfo. I am a Professional Comic Book Artist from Brazil with 10 years of experience delivering Clean Art with Efficient Storytelling for established publishers like Dynamite, Zenescope, Devil’s Due Rising Sun, and many independent clients.

I also have an anthology of short stories based on my co-created Universe called: Ezarieth World Heroes, a new Universe of characters that cross the genres of adventure, fantasy, swashbuckling, horror, sci-fi, and heroes.

I’m the creator of The Samurai Method, how to draw comics faster and better. The easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to create comics.

Discovering how to draw and storytelling on your own can take years before you get to the professional level and the price of art school tuition is no joke. An expensive investment to follow your dreams.

The Samurai Method shows you exactly what you need to become a professional comic book artist.

I spent years as a dead-broke comic book artist, trying to deal with art-critique trolls, destroying my self-confidence, and creating anxiety and depression issues. Until I discovered a way to create my artwork faster and better which allowed me to finally live the comic book artist Lifestyle.

So, I could be able to meet deadlines, deliver quality work and have time for family and friends.

It all started with my first published comic book: Sequential Suicide Slop, years ago in 2008…


FREE TOOLS and Downloads, Inspiration, Techniques and Knowledge.

Knowing is half battle.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it is to go through the classes and improve your craftsmanship. Any support you need just get in touch and our

team will do the best we can to get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, should you or any member of your Creative Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will

self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2…

How to Draw The Incredible Hulk

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How to Draw Captain America

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How to Draw Spider-man

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Events, Programs & Books

Get behind the scenes of the comic book artist lifestyle.

Discover about new events, works and stories.

How to deal with anxiety and depression.

Tips and tricks on how to create a comic book.

Tutorials, tools and resources.

Health, Love, Lifestyle and much more…

Commission a original piece of artwork or get your comic done with work for hire contract.

Help Aspiring Comic Book Artists to:

Find out how to draw Better, to get to the professional level Faster.

Overcome Self-doubt, Discipline and Time issues.

Achieve the so Dreamed Pro Lifestyle, without

having to pay the exorbitant art school tuitions and

in the comfort of your home with your convenience.

C.A.R.B. – comic artist’s reference book.

  • Skeleton & Muscular System.
  • Body Proportions.
  • Head Proportions.
  • Facial Expressions.
  • Panel & Perspective Grids.
  • Video Classes.
  • And much more inside the membership exclusive content area.

That’s fantastic, Rod!


Comic Creator

That was a ridiculously fun one-shot from @emmabeeby & @RodRamosRodolfo! I wish it didn’t have to end! =D


Comics enthusiast

The best creators are ones that genuinely love to learn and are constantly improving their work. 

Rod is that kind of creator.


Executive Editor Dynamite Entertainment

@DynamiteComics Pantha vs Jane Porter

by @emmabeeby @RodRamosRodolfo needs to be a monthly book, thanks.

That is all.


Comics enthusiast


Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by successful Comic book artists. These are powerful methods and techniques that I’ve used to create a whole new universe… and they can work for you, too.

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